Taliaferro FamilyMontague Farms, Inc. is owned and operated by a family that has been involved in agriculture for many generations. We are located in the Tidewater area of Virginia, from which agricultural products have been exported for nearly 400 years. In the colonial era, much of this area grew cotton and tobacco, but today one will see fields of soybeans, corn, and wheat.

In recent years we have focused efforts on soybean production and have been able to produce high quality soybeans for natto, tofu, sprouts and soy sauce in Japan and for other edible soybean markets in the Far East. Now, with modern plant breeding technology we are able to respond to changing consumer demands by developing new varieties that meet the needs of the marketplace. Taste, fibre content, nutritional value and other characteristics are under continuing evaluation as we explore new varieties.

Consumer attitudes are changing. For example, new concerns are being raised about food safety and we have answered this concern with our new Healthy Living program.

Our objective is to continue to grow, process and deliver clean quality soybeans that meet our customers demands. We have established a reputation for being able to deliver quality and quantity every year as requested by our customers. We intend to uphold this reputation and will continue to do so through intensive management of research, production, processing and delivery. We are truly in a position to customize varieties to meet our customers needs.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and we invite you to visit us whenever you are in the United States.

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