As an agriculture-based family that has entered its 4th generation of farming, we place a high value on being good stewards of the land. In recognition of our farming practices, we received the 2011 Outstanding Stewardship award from our local Soil and Water Conservation District. Our ability to balance productivity with natural resource conservation is a source of pride for us and is evident in the status of the farms we own and those we rent.

Landowners enjoy all the benefits we provide as members of an environmental stewardship program which includes:

  • Precision Chemical Application
  • Conservation Set-backs
  • Scouting
  • Cover Crops
  • Crop rotation and diversity to include non-GMO
  • No-till/Conservation Tillage
  • Precision Nutrient Management
  • Annual soil testing
  • Yield maps of your farm’s performance
  • Property maintenance

We understand that our landowners have unique needs. Whether your farm is 100 acres or 1,000 acres, we have the equipment, staff, and experience to care for your land and exceed your expectations. Let’s farm together.