Expert GrowersA network of growers produce soybeans for Montague Farms, Inc. which extends over a radius of 200 miles from Southern Maryland through Eastern Virginia into northeastern North Carolina. These are expert growers who have grown certified soybean seed for many years and who practice the most modern cultural and management practices. Because the geographic area is extensive, local adverse growing conditions such as drought, flood or hail are minimized, thus assuring an adequate supply of soybeans to meet our customers requirements.

The unique climate of Virginia, combined with our extended growing season, assures that we deliver both quantity and quality. Growers can plant soybeans any time from late May through mid July. Climatic variations such as rainfall and temperatures will have minimal effect on overall yield.

Growers are under constant supervision of a Director of Grower Relations. He continuously communicates with growers to advise and monitor seed procurement, planting, tillage and cultural practices, pest control, harvest and delivery. In addition, during the growing season every field is inspected by a reputable field inspection service.

Every grower is under contract, enabling us to monitor planting times, cultural practices, yields, and delivery times. Our objective is to assure we can produce top quality and deliver on time according to specifications.

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